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World of Warcraft Time Card Prepaid 60 Days Europe


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Extend Your World of Warcraft Adventure with a 60-Day Time Card!


Keep the adventure going in Azeroth with the World of Warcraft  60 Days card  for Europe. Whether you’re a seasoned hero or a new adventurer, this prepaid card grants you access to 60 days of game time, allowing you to explore the vast world of World of Warcraft and embark on epic quests with your friends.

Key Features:


  • 60 Days of Game Time: Enjoy uninterrupted access to World of Warcraft for 60 days, immersing yourself in the rich lore and thrilling gameplay of Blizzard Entertainment‘s iconic MMORPG.
  • Renew Your Subscription: Conveniently extend your World of Warcraft subscription without the need for a credit card or recurring payments, giving you full control over your gaming experience.
  • Access to Expansions and Updates: Dive into the latest content updates and expansions, including Shadowlands and all previous expansions, to experience new zones, dungeons, raids, and more.
  • Join a Thriving Community: Connect with millions of players from around the world in the vibrant World of Warcraft community, participating in guilds, group activities, and epic battles against fearsome foes.

How to Redeem on


  1. Log in to your account on the official website.
  2. Navigate to the “Games & Codes” section and select “Redeem a Code.”
  3. Enter the unique code provided with your World of Warcraft Time Card Prepaid 60 Days and click “Redeem Code.”
  4. Once redeemed, your 60 days of game time will be added to your World of Warcraft account, allowing you to continue your adventures in Azeroth.

Why Choose World of Warcraft Time Card Prepaid 60 Days:


With the World of Warcraft Time Card  60 Days, you can extend your journey in Azeroth without the hassle of monthly subscriptions. Experience the excitement of World of Warcraft’s ever-expanding universe and forge unforgettable memories with friends and allies as you embark on epic quests and face formidable challenges together.

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