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AML & KYC Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)

Money laundering involves the illicit conversion of unlawfully obtained funds (through terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking, etc.) into legal investments, concealing their true origin. This occurs to avoid detection of the illegal nature of these funds as they transition into legitimate assets.

Governments worldwide combat money laundering and terror-related financial activities to prevent criminal funds from infiltrating the economy. Financial and commercial institutions are particularly susceptible to illegal activities by terrorist and criminal organizations, with digital currency services being especially vulnerable. Consequently, Topgift actively participates in global efforts to prevent such illicit activities.

To achieve these objectives, we undertake the following measures:
– We verify clients’ identities and monitor all customer transactions.
– Our team tracks suspicious user operations and those occurring under irregular circumstances.
– In cases of suspected illegal activity or money laundering, our company reserves the right to request additional verification or halt such transactions at any stage.
– In compliance with international law, Topgift is not obliged to notify customers of suspicions regarding their criminal actions.
– These actions align with AML FATF references.

To prevent suspicious activities and verify client identities, our company’s team regularly updates its electronic systems in accordance with emerging regulations. Additionally, we conduct various training programs to enhance our staff’s anti-money laundering methods.

Multiple Accounts Policy

It is strictly prohibited to possess multiple accounts on our website.

In the event that a customer is found to have more than one account, all accounts will be temporarily disabled. The customer will be required to designate one active account, while the remaining accounts will remain permanently blocked.

Should a customer create multiple accounts to surpass Topgift’ set limits for a specific payment method, Topgift freserves the right to demand additional verification. If the customer is unable to furnish the requested information, Topgift will refund the payment to the original sender while retaining incoming and outgoing transaction fees, if applicable.

List of the Required and Supported Documents:

Some of the following documents might be required during the verification process at

Identity Verification:

  1. Government-issued International Passport
  2. Government-issued Identity Card
  3. Government-issued Driving License
  4. Selfie 

Address Verification:

  1. Utility bill or Bank Statement, not older than 3 months
  2. Paper versions or electronic versions are allowed
  3. No modifications are permitted to the documents

Additional Verification Documents:

  1. Selfie with printed or handwritten declaration (in specific cases, for high amounts)

Please note: All required documents should be provided in good quality, all texts should be readable, and there should not be any modifications or edits of the document photos, otherwise we would have to reject them and request new copies without modification or in better quality.

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