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Blizzard Gift Card (US)

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Looking to enhance your gaming experience or surprise a fellow gamer? Look no further than the Blizzard Gift Card! Whether you’re a die-hard World of Warcraft enthusiast, a seasoned Overwatch player, or exploring the immersive realms of Hearthstone, a Battlenet Gift Card is your ticket to unlocking a world of epic adventures.

Top Blizzard Games via Battlenet Gift Cards

You can use Blizzard Gift Card US to purchase these games. Please note that the availability of games and their popularity may change over time, so I recommend checking the website or app for the most up-to-date information on their game offerings. However, here are some of the top Blizzard games that were popular as of my last update:

  • World of Warcraft: The iconic MMORPG with various expansions.
  • Overwatch: A team-based first-person shooter.
  • Hearthstone: A digital collectible card game.
  • Diablo III: An action RPG with expansions.
  • StarCraft II: A competitive real-time strategy game.
  • Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard’s MOBA.
  • Warcraft III: Reforged: A remastered classic.
  • The Blizzard Arcade Collection: Classic games bundle.
  • Diablo II: Resurrected: A remastered Diablo II.
  • World of Warcraft Classic: Nostalgic WoW experience.

Limitations of The Battlenet Digital Code

Here’s a set of limitations when it comes to Blizzard Gift Card US:

1. Non-Convertibility: The card’s value cannot be exchanged for cash.

2. Non-transferable: It cannot be transferred to a different account.

3. Exclusive Use: It cannot be utilized in conjunction with other payment methods.

4. World of Warcraft Subscription Limitation: While it can be used for purchasing Game Time, it is not eligible for World of Warcraft subscriptions.

5. Store Exclusivity: It is not valid for use in the Blizzard Gear Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, or Nintendo Store.

For more information on this gift card and its limitations, head over to the Blizzard support page.

How to Top Up Blizzard Gift Card US?

  • Purchase a Blizzard Gift Card (matching your region).
  • Scratch off the protective layer to reveal the code.
  • Go to the official Blizzard website (
  • Log in to your Blizzard account or create one if needed.
  • Access your Account Settings.
  • Find the “Redeem a Code” or “Add a Balance” section.
  • Enter the code from the gift card, including any dashes.
  • Click “Redeem Code” or “Submit.”
  • Receive a confirmation message upon successful redemption.
  • Use the added funds in your Blizzard account for purchases.

Unlock the magic of Blizzard Entertainment today with the Blizzard Gift Card US. It’s the perfect gift for friends and family or a treat for yourself. Elevate your gaming experience and become a part of the legendary Blizzard universe. Get your Gaming Card now and start your adventure today!

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