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Xbox Live Gold Card (EU)

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? Look no further and buy an Xbox Live gold card. With this versatile and convenient gift, your gamer friend or family member can purchase games, apps, movies, and more, all from the comfort of their Xbox console or Windows PC.

Buy Xbox Live Gold Card EU (EUROPE)

Buy the Xbox Live Gold membership card key and get to enjoy the full assortment of exclusive service network features. Xbox One or Xbox 360 console owners already have free access to the base functions of the Xbox Live such as the ability to use voice chat, share your profile, or download free content. However, that makes up for only a fraction of everything that’s available on the platform. With this card, you get to explore and enjoy the full set of possibilities on Xbox Live for an entire month.

How to Compete or Cooperate with Your Friends Online with Xbox Live Code EU?

One of the main reasons to buy  Xbox Live code EU is the opportunity to enjoy the multiplayer modes of your favorite Xbox games. This is a popular online gaming platform that provides players with access to a vast library of games, online multiplayer, and social features. By purchasing an Xbox Live EU code, gamers can join the community and engage in competitive or cooperative gameplay with friends and other players around the world.

Expand your gaming library with free games

That’s correct! Everyone with an Xbox Live subscription receives monthly Xbox games completely free of charge. Throughout the course of the month, it is possible for you to expand your gaming library with anywhere from 2 to 4 free games, and best of all. You’ll get to keep them to yourself even after your membership expires. It should also be noted, that the games you’ll obtain are critically acclaimed triple-A titles that vary in genre and will satisfy gamers of different tastes.

Save while shopping on the Xbox Live store

It’s important to remember that the Xbox consoles are not just for gaming. Aside from video games and DLC, the Xbox Live marketplace features a wide assortment of moves, TV series, music, add-ons, and a variety of services to choose from. With a Microsoft Xbox subscription, you’ll regularly receive exclusive deals for Xbox Live products, with some of the discounts reducing the price by 50% or 75%. Even if you won’t get your desired game for free during the duration of the subscription, the Xbox Live Gold membership card can still help you to obtain the title or any other Live product cheaper and help you save in the long run.

Two Ways to Redeem EU Xbox Live Gold Card

Okay, so you’ve bought the Xbox Live Card (any card), what’s next? How to receive all the above-mentioned benefits? How to activate this key? What’s this code all about? Look no further because you’re fully covered. Here are the two most convenient ways how you can redeem your prepaid key codes.

If you are using an Xbox One console to activate the Xbox Live Gold membership card  key:

  • Go to the Store on the Home screen
  • Select Games under Categories
  • Choose the Use a Code feature
  • Sign in if prompted
  • Use a QR code by holding it up to your Kinect sensor, or manually enter a 25-character code.

If you want to activate your Xbox Live Gold membership card  key via Web Browser:

  • Select Redeem code in a browser
  • Click Sign In
  • Log into your Microsoft account
  • Click Redeem
  • Enter the 25-character code and confirm
  • Enjoy your purchase!


The voucher code can only be redeemed on a Europe account.

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