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V Rising Sinister Evolution Pack DLC Steam Key Global

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V Rising Sinister Evolution Pack DLC - Embrace Darkness


Delve deeper into the shadows with the Sinister Evolution Pack DLC for V Rising. Unleash new horrors upon your enemies as you evolve your vampire powers to unprecedented levels of darkness. With sinister new abilities and twisted upgrades, dominate the night and establish your immortal reign over the realm of the living.

Key Features:

  • Dark Evolution: Embrace the darkness within and evolve your vampire abilities with sinister new powers and upgrades.
  • Unleash Havoc: Command terrifying new minions and unleash devastating attacks upon your foes, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to exclusive in-game items, cosmetics, and customization options to further customize your vampire lord.

Why Choose Sinister Evolution Pack DLC:

The Sinister Evolution Pack DLC offers a thrilling expansion to the V Rising experience, allowing players to delve deeper into the dark arts of vampirism. With new powers, minions, and exclusive content, this DLC provides a sinister edge to your immortal conquest.
This bundle includes the following:

  • Plague Chemist’s Casket,
  • Plague Chemist’s Throne,
  • Plague Sanctum Gate,
  • Inner Sanctum Wallpaper,
  • Exterior Sanctum Wallpaper,
  • Plague Sanctum Windows,
  • Chemical Light Podium,
  • Mounted Chemical Light,
  • Plague Sanctum Tiles,
  • Plague Sanctum Carpet,
  • Plague Sanctum Steps,
  • Plague Sanctum Stairwell,
  • Plague Sanctum Ascent,
  • Male Plague Chemist’s Dedication,
  • Female Plague Chemist’s Dedication,
  • Plague Chemist’s Experiment,
  • Plague Chemist’s Prototype,
  • Plague Chemist’s Thesis,
  • Chemical Soaked Drape,
  • Chemical Soaked Cloak,
  • Chemical Soaked Regalia,
  • Plague Chemist’s Saddle,
  • Plague Doctor Mask.


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