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The Outlast Trials Steam Global


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The Outlast Trials: Survive the Horrors of Cold War Experiments


Embark on a Terrifying Journey in The Outlast Trials

Prepare to face your fears in The Outlast Trials, a chilling survival horror experience set during the Cold War era. Step into the shoes of a test subject in a series of twisted experiments, where survival is your only goal.

Key Features:

  • Cold War Setting: Explore sinister environments inspired by the paranoia and secrecy of the Cold War era. Navigate through abandoned facilities and uncover the dark secrets hidden within.
  • Co-Op Survival: Team up with friends in a harrowing co-op experience where cooperation is key to survival. Work together to solve puzzles, evade enemies, and uncover the truth behind the experiments.
  • Terrifying Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a world of constant dread and tension, where every shadow hides a new threat. With no means to fight back, your only option is to run, hide, and survive.
  • Twisted Experiments: Face off against sadistic scientists and deranged test subjects as you uncover the true purpose behind the experiments. Can you escape the horrors that await you?

Why Choose The Outlast Trials:

The Outlast Trials offers a unique multiplayer horror experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its tense atmosphere, immersive gameplay, and co-op survival mechanics, it’s the ultimate test of your nerves and teamwork.

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