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South Park: Snow Day! Digital Deluxe Edition Steam Global


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South Park: Snow Day! Digital Deluxe Edition 


Join the “South Park” gang in an all-out winter warfare in South Park: Snow Day! Digital Deluxe Edition. This special version of the game builds on the hilariously chaotic foundation of the standard edition, adding exclusive content and bonuses that make the snow day adventure even more unforgettable. Navigate through snow-laden chaos in South Park, employing strategy, humor, and a bit of craziness to overcome challenges and perhaps save the day… or just make things weirder.

Deluxe Edition Includes:

  • Base Game: The full “South Park: Snow Day!” experience, packed with all the humor, challenges, and snowball fights of the original game.
  • Exclusive Character Costumes: Dress up your characters in deluxe-only costumes, featuring iconic outfits from memorable “South Park” episodes.
  • Bonus Snowball Weapons: Gain early access to powerful snowball weapons, like the “Cheesy Poof Bomb” and “Mr. Hankey Slingshot,” each with unique effects and animations.
  • Expanded Soundtrack: Enjoy an extended in-game soundtrack, including classic “South Park” tunes and new tracks composed for the game.
  • Additional Story Content: Unlock a special deluxe edition storyline, offering a side quest that delves deeper into the South Park lore with exclusive cutscenes.
  • Digital Art Book: A beautifully illustrated digital art book showcasing concept art, character designs, and behind-the-scenes insights into the game’s development.
  • “Making of” Documentary: An exclusive digital documentary detailing the making of “South Park: Snow Day!”, featuring interviews with the creators, voice actors, and developers.

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