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Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo Switch) Europe


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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo Switch)


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch is a groundbreaking collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft, blending the worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Rabbids into an unexpected turn-based tactical adventure. With a mix of humor, strategy, and unique character abilities, players lead Mario, his friends, and their Rabbid counterparts on a quest to save the kingdom from chaotic forces.

Key Features:

  • Turn-Based Strategy: Engage in tactical battles that combine the accessibility of Mario’s world with the depth of turn-based strategy games.
  • Unique Team Combinations: Build your dream team with three characters from an eclectic roster of Mushroom Kingdom heroes and Rabbids dressed as Mario characters, each with unique abilities.
  • Dynamic Environments: Explore four vibrant worlds filled with puzzles, enemies, and secrets, all dynamically affected by your gameplay choices.
  • Character Customization: Equip your heroes with a vast array of weapons and items that provide both offensive and defensive benefits in battle.
  • Co-op Challenges: Team up with a friend in local co-op mode to tackle specially designed levels that require perfect synergy and strategy.
  • Humorous Storyline: Enjoy a light-hearted story that brings together the best of both worlds, filled with surprises, humor, and unlikely friendships.

Why Play Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle stands out for its creative integration of the Mario and Rabbids franchises into a genre typically reserved for more serious themes. The game is both challenging and accessible, offering strategic depth for genre veterans while remaining approachable for newcomers. Its charming narrative, engaging gameplay, and cooperative challenges make it a must-play for Switch owners looking for a unique experience that combines strategy, adventure, and a good dose of humor.

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