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Far Cry 6 Gold Edition Ubisoft Connect Europe


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Far Cry 6: Gold Edition


“Far Cry 6: Gold Edition” offers an enhanced experience of the gripping narrative set in the fictional, tropical paradise of Yara. This edition includes the base game along with the Season Pass, which contains three DLC episodes and additional bonus content. Players assume the role of Dani Rojas, fighting to liberate Yara from the oppressive rule of dictator Antón Castillo, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito.

Key Features:

  • Complete Package: Includes the base game, the Season Pass featuring three new DLC episodes, and the Ultimate Pack with exclusive gear and weapons.
  • Expansive Open World: Explore the largest Far Cry playground to date, from jungles and beaches to Yara’s capital city, Esperanza.
  • Deep Narrative: Engage in a rich story of revolution and freedom, with complex characters and a powerful storyline.
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Use improvised weapons and vehicles, recruit Amigos, and employ guerrilla tactics to topple the tyrant regime.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Encounter a reactive world that changes based on your actions. Experience the thrill of ambushes, sabotage, and raids against government forces.
  • Additional Content: Gain access to special missions like “Blood Dragon: The Cyber War” and gear sets that enhance gameplay with unique advantages.

Why Play Far Cry 6: Gold Edition:

“Far Cry 6: Gold Edition” is perfect for players looking for the ultimate version of the game with all the additional content included from the start. It’s ideal for those who enjoy deep, narrative-driven action games with a wide variety of gameplay and tactical freedom.

Recommended PC System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X or Intel Core i7-9700
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD RX 5700XT / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 60 GB available space

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