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Dead Space Remake (PC) Steam GLOBAL

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Product Region: Global
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Shooter, Third Person


Dead Space Remake: Unveiling the Horror


Experience fear anew in Dead Space Remake, now on Journey into space's depths, discover dark secrets aboard the USG Ishimura.

Why Choose Dead Space ?

  • Redefined Horror: Live classic Dead Space with cutting-edge graphics, raising terror.
  • Smart Combat: Battle Necromorphs by cutting their limbs, adding strategy.
  • Uncover Truth: Investigate Ishimura's mysteries and sinister events.
  • Sensory Nightmare: Immersive sounds keep you on edge, ship creaks intensify fear.

Why Choose for Dead Space ?

Buy on for quality and authenticity assurance.

Descent into Madness

Play as Isaac Clarke, engineer trapped on USG Ishimura overrun by Necromorphs. Survive and unveil the outbreak's truth.

Strategic Terror

Dead Space Remake adds strategic dismemberment. Precisely dismember Necromorphs to survive.

Revealing the Enigma

Navigate Ishimura's dark corridors. Unravel its descent into darkness.

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