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CASHlib Voucher EUR

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What is a CASHlib Voucher?

If keeping your bank account details secure and wanting control over your data matter to you, then CASHlib is the perfect secure and flexible online payment method for you. A CASHlib Voucher is a prepaid payment card that is as convenient to use as a prepaid credit card but without disclosing your personal information.

You get a unique serial number and PIN code which you can use directly to pay and play online securely. That makes paying online just as easy and privacy protected as if you were paying with cash. You only need the unique code and sufficient balance on your voucher to pay. Easily keep control of your online spending and protect your personal bank details. So no need to apply for a credit card, no extra costs, and no waiting time.

Where can I use CASHlib?

CASHlib vouchers can be used on websites that accept CASHlib as a payment method. These websites are typically online merchants or service providers that offer goods and services for sale online. Some examples of websites that accept the CASHlib Vouchers include online gaming websites, e-commerce websites, and digital content providers. To use CASHlib Voucher, simply select it as a payment option at checkout, enter the voucher code, and confirm the payment.

How does CASHlib Voucher work?

To use Cashlib Voucher, you need to purchase the voucher in cash from a physical store or online. You will then receive a code that can be used to make payments on websites that accept CASHlib. To make a payment, simply select it as a payment option on the website, enter the code, and confirm the payment. The amount on the voucher will be deducted from the total cost of the purchase.

How do I Pay with CASHlib?

Use the CASHlib code just like a prepaid credit card anywhere this payment provider is accepted. When paying at a participating merchant website, CASHlib will provide you with an online validation of the code to confirm your payment. You can safely pay amounts up to €250 in one go. Would you like to pay a higher amount? Combine multiple CASHlib Vouchers to top up your spending to a maximum amount of €1000. Do you want to pay a lower amount? No problem! You can simply spend the remaining credit another time, as long as it’s within 6 months after the purchase.

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