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Amazon Gift Card (CA)

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Amazon Gift Card

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Product Region: Canada


When it comes to the most enthusiastic online shoppers, the Amazon Gift Card Canada stands out as an essential choice. This is especially true given Amazon's prominent position as one of the largest online retailers globally. Seamlessly explore an extensive spectrum of products and services, all accessible through the Amazon platform, alleviating the need for cumbersome site transitions.

With the Amazon Card, you could have access to Amazon Prime and e-books for your Kindle as well. This way, you can say goodbye to boredom!

Get Your Amazon Gift Card Canada from Topgift

Experience the joy of receiving an Amazon Gift Card from Topgift, your ultimate gifting destination. Unlock endless possibilities with this versatile card, allowing you to choose from millions of products on Amazon's extensive online store.

Protected Transactions

When you shop with us, we protect your transactions. We've established a two-factor authentication and verification system to ensure that the one making the purchase is indeed you. We continuously update and innovate our systems to safeguard our customers and their information.

Do rest assured that when you shop with us, your safety is our top priority. In addition to that, we even have instant email delivery to notify you of your purchases, how cool is that?

Festive Promotions & Giveaways

Of course, the best time to purchase anything from our site would be during the festive seasons like Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, or New Year. We’ve got tons of promotions and discounts available, offering your favorite products at cheap prices.

If you follow us on our social media platforms, we tend to have giveaways available as well, so make sure to go follow them now! You’ll be rewarded with some pretty cool deals in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to redeem the Amazon Gift Card Canada?

Redeem your Amazon Gift Card using these simple steps:
1. Go to Amazon and log into your account.
2. Look for the ‘Account’ tab and click on ‘Gift Card’.
3. Click on ‘Redeem A Gift Card’ and enter the 14-digit code.
4. Click on ‘Apply to your balance’.

How long until the Amazon Card expires?

The Amazon Gift Voucher expires within a year from its date of purchase. However, if you redeem it in your Amazon account, your balance will not expire.

What’s the Amazon Gift Card ID?

The gift card ID is used to identify your gift card and consists of 16-digit numbers. It is different from the Amazon Gift Card Code which consists of 14 alphanumeric characters.

Can I use the Amazon Card outside of Canada?

No, you cannot as the Amazon Card is region locked. The gift cards bought for the Canadian region cannot be used in any other region and vice versa.

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